The DVD drive is fairly noisy as well, but it revs down as soon as it is not needed. Looks stylish, not too small for proper use, and works fine. Things get ugly when viewing from a side angle view large image. Mine works with iTunes now. Back view of laptop that has a D-sub connector and old LPT port! A media player with an interface would be so much better, but I cannot complain with this bonus addition.

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It is playable and decent, but hardly spectacular. Things get ugly when viewing from a side angle view large image. The color is a very dark grey and it makes the keyboard look somehow less sober than a black one would.

With decent headphones though, this machine sounds above average. Not much to look at, and not exactly good to use either.

Asus A6J Review (pics, specs)

There is Bluetooth available as well, adding to the wealth of connectivity options. It does make talking over the internet so much faster asus a6 series entertainment notebook more enjoyable as it removes the need for an extra USB slot for the webcam and the need to connect an annyoing microphone.

We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads. It is a little engertainment the heavy side 2.

It also has horizontal and vertical scrolling. And I like the ASUS screensaver, it makes use of the sounds, animation and even the webcam to conjure a cool effect. It is low-cost for its specs yet feels and looks expensive and asus a6 series entertainment notebook well.

Build, Design, and Connectivity: Compared with my Pentium 4 2. Movies are viewable as long as the group huddles togheter to fit entertainmsnt that degree range, otherwise depending on how far outside this zone they are it can become difficult to view or even impossible.

The integrated webcam was also pivotal asus a6 series entertainment notebook my choice of notebook.

Asus A6 Notebook Review

Another downpoint for some would be its reflective nature, a trade-off for the nicer display, but does not bother me qsus. Generally the A6J is not one for the long road, unless you have another battery or two to spare. A battery calibration did make a significant change, now having a total lifetime of 2h minutes depending on how the notebook asus a6 series entertainment notebook used.

asus a6 series entertainment notebook Yet it is a sign that ASUS has yet to update their chassis, but only the internal parts of the machine.

They did not have a better deal during a recent PC show here, so I figured the price is more or less fixed and went to bargain for freebies with the retailer instead. The right side of entertainmrnt laptop where most connectivity ports are located view large entertaibment. The screen is a Transflective TFT, bright and clear with no dead pixels, looks like a job well done.

Asus A6J Review (pics, specs)

Noise, on the other hand is well taken care of. The 1 MB L2 cache that comes with this processor is quite helpful and so the CPU does manage to gain, clock for clock, a ssries lead ahead of its desktop counterpart, the last generation pin Athlon64 single core chips.

The card can run anything you can currently throw at it including games deries asus a6 series entertainment notebook Shader Model 3. Be prepared to fork out extra for a better carrier.

ASUS A6R – Основные технические характеристики. Особенности ASUS A6R

Next is the touchpad, which looks really nice. I wanted to be different and yet not give up on quality and design, and ASUS laptops generally pretty much fit the bill. The redemption factor is that there is a separation between the ports, so there is a fair ease of multiple use. The optical drive is as noisy as any other I have used, and I can never understand why. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to Asus a6 series entertainment notebook asue electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community.

But their provision of global customer support for 2 years is excellent and they have a nice little wallet-sized card with worldwide support telephone numbers. The buttons look and feel great, and are stiff which I like as usual.

Heat is not an issue so far. It is a First, the Super PI 2m digits result.