I wasn’t sure what to expect from RadioShack so I was surprised when these earphones turned out to be very well made with solid sound. Auvio added a nice touch to the front right corner where the corner is cut off at an angle and the silver Auvio brand is present. My buddy Ricky, from RadioShack, asked if I wanted to check out some audio gear from RadioShack and I have spent the last week using a set of earphones, a wireless speaker, and a set of headphones. To the right of the large button are two indicator lights for battery status and Bluetooth connectivity. Audio jack of the earbuds Note that the audio jack is positioned at a 90 degree angle. I pulled the Bluetooth speaker from the white and blue package and my first impression was that the speaker was a bit large, but light in weight.

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Hands-on with three RadioShack Auvio audio products (review)

The capacity of mAh allows us to use this speaker for up to 13 hours and it takes about 5 hours to fully charge the speaker. The headphones are compact and light and come with a nice carrying case Closing thoughts on the Auvio audio products I was auvio bluetooth speaker by the quality and performance of all three of these RadioShack Auvio products and if you are looking for decent audio products at great prices then you may want to check them out.

There are also some changes on the back. Disclosures As an Amazon Associate, I s;eaker from qualifying purchases. Tablets Windows tablets through the ages: On the back there is a power switch, miniUSB port, and 3. TechWalls uses cookies for Google ads. The Auvio earbuds arrived in a rather small blue and white box with the auvio bluetooth speaker, zippered carrying auvio bluetooth speaker, ear clips, and three pairs of silicone eartips.


The center button auvo used to answer and end calls or play and pause music.

Most of the gear I have checked out so far has been premium gear with rather high prices, but arguably of very high quality. The speaker features much longer battery life.

These are not active noise-canceling headphones and there is no option for connecting the headphones with a cable. I would have preferred to have seen a microUSB port since that is the standard today, but at least they do include a miniUSB cable to charge up the speaker.

It is attractive with a glossy black top, matte black back and bottom, with a matte black grill around the two sides and front. Earbuds and controller The flat cable on the earbuds helps auvio bluetooth speaker them from easily tangling. Auvio added a nice touch to the auvio bluetooth speaker right corner where the corner is cut off at an angle and the silver Auvio brand is present.

Sound Quality – 7. They stay fairly free of tangles and lay well along your body. Specifications of the earbuds includeHz frequency, 16 Ohm impedance, and DB sensitivity. As there is a USB port on the back, you also can use it as a backup auvio bluetooth speaker.


Auvio Pbt Portable Bluetooth Speaker Speakerphone USB Charger | eBay

You can charge your smartphone or tablet when there is a power outage. The headphones and earpiece arms are covered in soft touch material.

The sound is quite warm and rich. They are comfortable, well made, and Buetooth recommend them for those looking for a decent priced set of earbuds.

December 13, — The right earpiece contains all of the controls. Back of the Bluetooth speaker. Despite the average quality, this speaker was selling quite well as its price is almost the lowest auvio bluetooth speaker the category other portable speakers like Beats Pill cost no less than….

Auvio states that the headphones will last for up to 9 hours of talk or music playback. Windows tablets auvio bluetooth speaker the ages: There is extra padding on the inside of the top to make it comfortable on your head. There are no volume controls present. The Auvio Bluetooth speaker is definitely the largest of the bunch.

The buttons are large auvio bluetooth speaker it is easy to control the audio. The good, the bad and the ugly, in pictures. The earpieces are covered in soft leather material. Audio jack of the earbuds Note that the audio jack is positioned at a 90 degree angle.