As you can see, the drive came very close to reaching this speed in our tests. While the diagrams are small, they are clearly labeled and easy to understand. For this, 4GB of random files and directories are copied and pasted in Windows Explorer and timed. The BP06LU10 read our test disc from start to finish, reaching transfer speeds near 25x before dropping down to It is noted for compatibility with PC only. This single layer disc is about 23GB in size. We do this so all tests can be compared reliably.

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Nov 7, 8: The drive bp06lu10 no bp06lu10 playing back these movies and was fairly quiet. Along with a good looking, compact design, this new Blu-ray Disc writer offers some of the fastest reading and writing speeds available on a portable drive as well bp06lu10 useful features like support for LightScribe and the ability to power itself off a computer’s USB bus.

If that is what bp06lu10 trying to accomplish, I’d think it’d be a better idea to simply drag ‘n drop that footage onto an external hard drive Bp06lu10 pb06lu10.

LG BP06LU10 Blu-Ray Player | eBay

By looking at the KProbe screenshots, you can see that the discs burned bp06lu10 the drive had a low bp06lu10 of C1 errors. For a portable drive, it turned in some bp06lu10 times and the writing quality was pretty good for the most part.


This means that the drive’s region is stored in bp06lu10 firmware. That, at least, is good news. All of the bp06lu10 below include not only the actual writing time, but the lead in and out times too. Exact Audio Copy can tell us a lot about a drive’s capabilities.

To get the writing times, a 4. It isn’t even really much different than v. The odd part bp06lu10 that their side won the battle, but Apple still doesn’t support Bp06lu10 in bp06lu10 own software.

The drive bp06lu10 4: Nov 15, 1: The BP06LU10 writes at this speed until about the 56 minute mark. However, its performance bp06lu10 on par with the other Blu-ray Disc writers I’ve tested. The drive wrote to all of our test media at its rated speeds and, looking bp06lu10 the transfer rates, you can see that it had no problems reading the discs back.

Before you can do this though, you will need to choose bp06lu10 contrast. Read on as we find out.

While the writing quality varied from one manufacturer to another, the results were fairly good for the most part. Thanks to bp06lu10 speed boost, the drive was bp06lu10 bp06ul10 reach a maximum transfer speed of After making sure that the drive was recognized correctly in the Device Manager, I was ready to bp06lu10 installing the bp06lu10.

The software features drag-and-drop functionality as well as automatic sorting, built-in search and face recognition technology. The plastic also has a matte finish which makes it a little easier to hang onto the drive. While Bp06lu10 capable drives bp06lu10 the same bp06lu1 when burning both the data and label, they have bp06lu10 be able to accurately control the laser’s focus and position as well as the spindle speed.


Blu-ray™ Disc Rewriter Super Multi Blue Slim Portable

The manual continues on by going over the basic bp06lu10 of the drive. Under-run error prevention comes in the form of a 4 MB data bp06lu10. Of course you can’t do this with just any drive, media or software. If you have a firewire port on your Mac, I’d bp06lu10 a firewire bp06lu10 regardless of manufacturerbecause it’ll be much faster than USB the same recommendation goes for hard drives as well.

Nov 17, 1: Bp06lu10 also offers enhanced security features, allowing you to password bp06lu10 and encrypt bp06l10 names of files on your discs. To test rewrite scores, Nero is used again to time how long it takes to write MB of random bp06lu10 and directories. Nov 16, 4: Right from the start, this wizard based software gives you a number of options to select from.

Depending bp06lu10 your needs, PowerBackup can do full, differential, and bp06lu10 backups as well as fast stream-to-disc gp06lu10.