Unlocks the power of the GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most demanding tasks such as video transcoding, physics simulation, ray tracing, and more, delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional CPUs. But the Nvidia GeForce GTX isn’t all about the internal architecture; the actual build of the card screams quality – and expense – from first glance. GeForce GTX 7. For most situations the GTX is going to be the way to go thanks to its lower power consumption and lower noise levels, but for cases that need fully exhausting video cards the GTX SLI can offer the same gaming performance at the same price. Now these are just the first impressions, we are going in-depth over the next few pages of course. Do you own this product? Specifications and images by techpowerup.

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After all if your graphics card casing needs to be that durable you really need to question what you use it for.

B-Stock products do not come with any optional accessories and only include the accessories required to use the product as listed below. The GTX is a beautifully designed, and wonderfully engineered graphics card. The central fan housing tgx built from injection moulded magnesium alloy and if that sounds familiar you’re probably a petrol-head as it’s used in the construction of evga gtx 690 beautiful Bugatti Veyron’s engine.

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench. B-Stock Products are units which may have small evga gtx 690, small dents, or noticeable use. Comments Showing 6 comments. It combines the groundbreaking new GeForce architecture with raw dual-GPU power to provide ytx game-changing performance.

Get superior gaming innovation that is meticulously designed – inside and out – for the fastest, smoothest, richest gaming experience.


But with its screaming performance, the noise levels are an acceptable tradeoff and GTX is still much quieter than any competing multi-GPU setup that can provide similar FPS numbers. Add in a fourth accessory display to get access to your email, web, or evga gtx 690 applications while you game.

Now these are evga gtx 690 the first impressions, we are going in-depth over the next few pages of course.

Memory Specs Memory Detail: Far Cry 2 DX However we decided to review a retail sample for the simple fact top see if anything at evga gtx 690 would be different, and obviously to show you what you receive bundle wise.

Power consumption during gaming is simply outstanding.

GTX 690 Academy

But with performance taken into account, the card delivers excellent performance per Watt. It will make things are lot easier in fashioning evga gtx 690 dream machines compared to setting up an SLI rig with hardcore cooling.

Next generation streaming multiprocessor built from the ground up for incredible performance and power efficiency. The product tested is reference based thus the review will be very similar to the original review. When compared to the dual card GTX SLI setup we see significantly reduced power consumption, which is a key factor in engineering a successful dual Evga gtx 690 card as the limiting factors in this scenario are power draw and heat density.

Previous Article Next Article. GT 7 GT 2. We’ll evga gtx 690 at noise levels, power consumption, heat, we’ll do a nice photo-shoot and an extensive benchmark session to see where this product positions itself.

Designed for the new PCI Express 3. Expect 6900 from your graphics evga gtx 690 than just state-of-the-art features and technology; get a faster, smoother and richer gaming experience with the EVGA GeForce GTX This technology is based on the temperature and power draw of your card, as well as what application you’re running.


EVGA cards ship with cover caps over the evga gtx 690 components, eliminating worries about any dust build-up or damage that could occur.

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There has been consternation though about the GTX not necessarily being the top-end Kepler GPU – more like the sort of architecture we were expecting lower down the Kepler evga gtx 690 — and yet still being 609 at the top end.

Pricing the Kepler cards so high means that they are beyond the reach of most gamers. Take a closer evga gtx 690 at the line-up of new features that sets this card apart from the rest:. Meticulously designed with robust power delivery and dual vapor chambers for extreme performance and overclocking without sacrificing acoustics.

EVGA GeForce GTX | TechRadar

More than just innovative. Browse All Where To Buy. Dynamically enables vertical sync based on your current frame rates for the smoothest gaming experience. Now we all like the reference founders edition cards, evga gtx 690 let’s face evva, aren’t the proper board partner cards so