Plus, when batch printing, the Pro-LX prints one card while simultaneously laminating another – allowing it to produce up to single-sided, laminated cards per hour. Standard 8-bit Centronics-type parallel ECP- compatible. Process time is dependent of the size of the file, the CPU, amount of RAM and the amount of available resources at the time of the print. Maximum Accepted Card Length Range: Not all laminating card printers are created equal.

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Search Our Store Search. Input Hopper Card Capacity: Kronos g Gate Clock.

Want to add more functionality fargo pro-l your cards? All overlaminates available in either clear, holographic globe design or custom farfo design.

Printer – One year, optional two-year extended warranty U. With this feature, the Pro-L has the capacity to laminate both sides of a card and implement any number of advanced security features. With 4MB of standard memory, the Pro-LX can print laminated cards at industry-leading speeds, making it ideal for high-volume environments. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Pro-L only – When batch printing: Among its time-saving features are sensors that can identify printing and encoding errors, automatically separate a pro-ll card into the Reject Card Hopper, and continue printing without fargo pro-l With dpi resolution and edge-to-edge printing, fargo pro-l image quality of the Pro-LX is the highest of its kind.


This saves fargo pro-l money by reducing the need to issue new cards.

Input Hopper Card Capacity: This option allows you fargo pro-l print custom transparent images onto cards which reflect light when viewed at an angle.

Perfect For Fargo pro-l Business! Note that single card print speeds will be slower than the batch print speeds listed above since batch print speed is enhanced by the printer’s multi-tasking capabilities when printing multiple cards in succession.

Return to Previous Fargo pro-l. This patent-pending feature controls output and provides accountability for the production of all cards. CR edge-to edge 3. An unparalleled combination of durability and security.

Fargo pro-l Standard Card Sizes: Acroprint Time Clock. Characterized by their unwavering reliability and solid construction, FARGO’s high-performance Professional Series Printers are expertly engineered for high-volume applications. Rapid Printing Speed Takes You to the Edge Perfectly suited for high-volume environments, the Pro and Pro-L incorporate 4MB of standard memory and are capable of producing large quantities of full-color ID cards at industry-leading speeds.

Accepted Card Length, Double-Sided: This printer security feature controls access to your Pro-LX by allowing fargo pro-l authorized persons with a custom access card, or “key”, to print cards.


Fargo Pro-L Printer Ribbon, Supplies & Parts | AlphaCard

As the innovator of the built-in lamination station, FARGO is the authority on this breakthrough technology. Buy in rpo-l and save. We fargo pro-l, because we invented the first one. Engineered for high duty cycles, the Fargo pro-l and Pro-L’s networking capabilities enable them to be daisy-chained for high-end production with multiple printing stations.

All drivers and user manuals on CD Printer is in great fargo pro-l Magnetic stripe and smart card options can be integrated into the Pro-LX, making it an easy-to-use “one-pass” system. These options allow you to use your ID cards fafgo access control, time and attendance, vending and more.

No more large white borders or fuzzy fargo pro-l Unlike many printers, the Pro-LX can laminate both sides of a card, providing maximum durability and protection from abrasion, color fading, and dye-migration.