If you are still unable to print, please contact our support team for help. Make sure that the ribbon unrolls from the back of the source roller on the underside of the print carriage. Find the entry in this window for your DuraLabel printer. If the battery has been allowed to charge, and the system is at a normal temperature, then the internal settings of the printer may need to be reset. Otherwise, there are some settings to correct, which takes only a little longer. Redefine your visual communication program with LabelForge and DuraSuite labeling software.

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The ribbon should be smooth at both spindles and across the print head — not folded back against itself. Copy this link to share this video. Our top-selling label printer. Then, access the printer controls: Loading Supply in the DuraLabel This can happen by accident when supplies are changed, and is easy to resolve. The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward through the wide-open part of the printer, up past the metal print head, and onto the front of the front roller.

We usually recommend cleaning the printer after graphic products duralabel pro 300 two or three rolls of label stock; now may be a good time. Graphic products duralabel pro 300 to the Stock tab, and look at the Method drop-down menu. Close the printer, turn it back on and wait for the solid green light, and try printing again.


This will clear the internal memory and settings of the printer.

DuraLabel PRO Series

There is a green plastic latch that should catch it on each side. Remote Setup Let Us Do the Work for You We can install your print driver and software, provide on—screen tutorials, and help you print your first label.

Once everything is in place, lower the print carriage until it latches into place, and close the lid. What is your technical support issue? Cleaning the DuraLabel Lobo. Prdoucts contact our support team for help.

This time, release the button during the five red blinks, near the beginning of that pattern. This option controls how hot the print head gets as part of the printing process; different ribbon formulations, and even graphic products duralabel pro 300 label designs, may need slight adjustments to the Darkness setting. Close the printer up again, turn it back on, and try printing once more.

DuraLabel PRO 300

If no click is heard, remove the cartridge entirely, and make sure that there is no foreign material in the system or on the underside of the cartridge. That microchip is wirelessly activated by the sensor which has graphic products duralabel pro 300 added to your DuraLabel Pro or DuraLabel Pro photograph above- graphic products duralabel pro 300 removed with dugalabel screw under cover.

If the latches are not catching, please contact our support team for help. Save your design to the Lobo system, turn off the system, and make sure your Proucts card is properly inserted.


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There may even be no printing ribbon loaded. Loading Supply in the Rhino Cold Laminator. We understand that you need to source the best labeling equipment and supplies at the best price.

Release the power key graphic products duralabel pro 300, then release the ESC key. Click the Clear Error button on the error message to clear the error and retry the print job.

The printer has finished following the instructions that it received. Finally, it should reach over the dark gray rubber roller.

The actual steps for this process vary from one program to another, so please contact our support team for help. It should be properly centered on the thick dyralabel bar, with the left end cap covering the number that corresponds to the width of the supply.

These are the default settings for the printer. Graphic products duralabel pro 300 this point, all information will appear in the new 030, even if you turn off the system and come back to it later.