So I’m very happy Was this review helpful? On the course 13 straight and long drives. You are not likely to find very many, if any golfers, who have a bad thing to say about the performance of this S9 – 1 F Driver. The design of the club is also intended to create a slight draw bias in ball flight for players. Club was rated with 7’s all over but to be honest was more like 8’s or 9’s. Put a half-decent swing on it and it is straight as an arrow. Bogbean is spot on with his review, plus yards out of the middle and plus on off-centre hits.

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Fantastic service Golf Bidder will use you again. It’s second hand but it looks very good. Club was rated with 7’s all over but to be honest was more like 8’s or 9’s.

Today’s Golfer

It’s as good an anti-slice Driver as you’re likely to find just now. Its been ages since i’ve hit every fairway!!! Our man certainly found that when he gave it a rip on the simulators — carry was consistently up around the yard mark which is a considerable yards longer than his king cobra s9-1 f speed pitiful efforts.

First time using Golfbidder and got to say service is brilliant!

However on the other side of things, it’s a perfect club to play a nice consistent, powerful draw with. So I’m very happy. This club sppeed brilliant I would recommend it to everyone.


Also this is combined with a lovely impact sound that’s not too spees or hollow, it’s probably almost the perfect noise at impact that you’d want in a Driver. Had a Cobra SZ On the course 13 straight and long drives.

Each of our reader testers got good distance too.

King Cobra S9-1 F/speed Tuned 3 Wood

Certainly there was a lot for us to expect from this golf club, being from the much acclaimed S9 – 1 series. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. Your review title You must enter a title.

Quite simply this Driver is outstanding, Brian Zender made a bold statement king cobra s9-1 f speed what he said about the clubs. The driver tiself is good. Your email address You must enter a valid email address.

The cobra was in superb condition and I king cobra s9-1 f speed took it to the range. I have been knig at the immediate difference it’s made to my game; drives are straight and longer than I have ever been able to hit before. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

Cobra S9 – 1 F Driver Review

I have always loved Cobras but have strugggled to get a driver that will hit it as long as my old King Cobra SZ The large face and head just make it so easy to launch the golf ball with, and on a solid, powerful trajectory kkng well.


When it came to hitting some balls, this Cobra Driver was extremely impressive. The ball even off centre and miss hits are still remain fairly straight. Along with a cbora than normal face which king cobra s9-1 f speed Cobras Hotter 9 Points Technology, intended to help produce a combination of greater accuracy and distance. I truly believe that there king cobra s9-1 f speed not a better driver out there.

I had king cobra s9-1 f speed Ping G2 driver but s9–1 struggled with long game reaching par 4’s in three shots sometimes. I’m living in Holand and I’m very happy with my driver. When it stops snowing Excellent club once you “let the club do the work. Travel Bags Shoe Bags. Ratings out of 5 Looks: So I’m very happy Was this review helpful?

It’s not really what this club was made for and anyone who gets a chance to hit the Cobra S9 – 1 F, will find this out.