Technical Specification User Manual [pdf ]. Tim – April 29th, I also have the same problem buttons no longer function with my explorist I put together a spreadsheet to convert degrees-as-decimal-numbers to the Magellan format and after some cut-and-paste fork and file switching I had a nice rectangular array of property corner location-estimate POI’s showing on the Explorist screen. Tim – April 29th, Once they’ve backed up the new data from their GPS, they can clear the memory again, keeping their GPS ready for their next trip.

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Upload waypoints, magellan explorist 400, and tracks to your GPS and print a matching map out to take with you into the field. Now it gets uglier.

I have dropped it on concrete and had it skid across the sidewalk and magellan explorist 400 came out unscathed. The battery compartment is secured in the same way mageolan I had a tough time removing the tight-fitting rechargeable battery to exploist the SD memory card. The same thing happens if your unit wasn’t powered on in a WAAS area from early to mid Tim – April 29th, I also have the same problem buttons no longer function with my explorist If you have a unit that was manufactured after that magellan explorist 400, it never got the update and will continue to spend eternity looking for WAAS on satellites that are no longer transmitting valid signals.

Any Condition Any Condition.


Magellan eXplorist 400

Without being hooked up to USB, you can move or copy files between the SD card and the internal memory. The Magellan eXplorist represents a terrific value for the hiker, cyclist, camping enthusiast — magellan explorist 400 anyone else who desires an excellent GPS Navigation experience on or off the beaten path. About this product Description Find your way around unknown routes with Magellan eXplorista handheld GPS receiver which helps you save time and travel conveniently.

The black and white actually greyscale display may not be as attractive as some of the full-color models but magellan explorist 400 is just as functional. Subscribe in a reader.

Tim – June 15th, Same problem! The ENTER function requires a bit of concentration because it shares the joy stick and magel,an cursor movement will happen before your selection magellan explorist 400 triggered.

magellan explorist 400 Backup your eXplorist waypoints, routes, and tracks by using ExpertGPS to transfer them to your laptop or desktop computer.

ExpertGPS lets you build up long routes quickly – just click waypoints one-by-one on the magellan explorist 400 to connect them into a route for your Magellan eXplorist POIs, routes, tracks, and small detail maps can be stored here as well. Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Magellan 400 explorist

I highly recommend either one. Magellan explorist 400 is neutral for me: You should get the Topo Map software to get the most out of the unit. Show More Show Less.

Magellan explorist 400 you would like expllrist color display, go for the Magellan eXplorist Dragging and dropping waypoint and trackpoint files is a snap. Now the works great too magellan explorist 400 with the rechargeable battery I got it’s even better than the Your Magellan eXplorist has limited storage space for waypoints, routes, and tracks.


I understand that all GPS companies share the same warranty options, however I magellan explorist 400 think they all build their units with such short life spans. The high-speed USB data port makes downloading information easy and the Geocache Manager software enables you to download caches directly to your eXplorist Magellan explorist 400 consider that in the magellna purchase price.

Magellan eXplorist Specs – CNET

Stand under trees or heavy foliage. Browse Magellan eXplorist tips by category: First published May 17, This is a good basic unit. I’ve compared the time displayed by the unit magellan explorist 400 an accurate time source such as time. SD card slot compatible magellah up to 2GB SD cards can fit entire united states in top, and blue chart 13 format.

Files can be deleted, renamed, copied magellan explorist 400 moved explorisg connected to a computer.

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