Bodies must be unaltered and retain a full factory interior. Weights vary according to combination but are generally between 1, and 2, pounds. Dynocom Dynamometers Puts the Power to the Ground. Great job Deric Kramer and crew. You have to remember, even though as many as 50 Pro Stock cars might have attempted to qualify at a race at one time, only half or less had a legitimate chance of making the show and far fewer could win the deal.

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News 16 May Most cars are classified using a formula that divides total car weight by cubic inches.

I love high-winding, naturally-aspirated racing as much as anyone. Pro stock drag racing Liked by This Page. Engine shall consist short block and heads, and will be serialized or otherwise identified at each event. The sanctioning body claimed, when moving to FOX television for its broadcasts, that showcasing the factory hotrods was part of the rationale, but to date the coverage has been spotty at best.

Essentially a pair of categories for fast E. Retrieved 25 July The quickest of the heads-up Super classes 8. These highly modified vehicles, which can run under 6. Once an engine is used in a vehicle at an event, that engine cannot be sgock in another vehicle for the duration of the event. Naturally enough, the handful of remaining Pro Stock competitors scoffed at our prediction of imminent doom and continued along their merry way, totally ignoring the reality of their precarious situation.


Dfag Alcohol Funny Cars feature basically the same chromoly pro stock drag racing chassis as the nitro cars and are fitted with the same carbon-fiber replica bodies, though the Top Alcohol Funny Car bodies do not need as much downforce and use a much smaller rear spoiler.

Super Stock vehicles may drrag like ordinary passenger vehicles, but they are highly modified race cars. The driver with the most wins in a single season is three time champion Pro stock drag racing Alderman, who won all but three events pro stock drag racing route to his championship.

Dragsters, altereds, street roadsters, coupes, sedans, front-engine nostalgia dragsters, sport compact cars, and trucks race in 75 classes. Bodies must be unaltered and retain a full pro stock drag racing interior. With two races left, who still has a chance at the Championship?

All vehicles must be full-bodied cars and weigh no less than 2, pounds except for six-cylinder cars, which may pro stock drag racing a minimum weight of 2, pounds, and four-cylinder- and rotary-powered cars 1, pounds. We see that very same thought-process today in Pro Modified, in X, and other classes and venues.

The rule-makers could have announced the technical changes for a later date, allowing smaller teams the opportunity to gather more backing to allow added test runs; last-minute decisions create a bigger gap between the affluent and the rest.

News 31 May Prior to the announcement, two-time and reigning Pro Stock champions Elite Motorsport elected to switch from Chevy pro stock drag racing Mopar.


What Happened To Pro Stock, You Ask? Here’s What…

Significant engine modifications are syock, but the vehicle must retain the correct engine block, cylinder heads, and carburetor. Pro stock drag racing none of that really matters. Top Alcohol Dragsters may look like Top Fuelers, but they have significant differences. Pro Stock is a class of drag racing featuring “factory hot rods “.

Pro Stock – Wikipedia

The race to the sixes and mph. With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

About Us Sponsors Advertising. Getting a naturally aspirated racecar — with doors — to go more than mph down the quarter-mile in around 6.

News 22 May As in Super Comp, competitors use electronic pro stock drag racing and throttle stops to run as close to the class standard without going under.

There are many more ideas, most promoted by fans who love Pro Stock. That last might have to be changed if NHRA foolishly goes racjng the rumored decision to lock Pro Stock out of six races next year.

News 23 May Q1 coming up soon here in Vegas.