The Windows key is moved to the top right, while the Enter key is half height and the backslash to the right of the spacebar. For Strong battery life Tough chassis Good performance Great features. Front side view of Toshiba Satellite U view large image. Jim Martin put eight ultraportable notebooks through their paces. Its tough chassis means you won’t need to worry about damage when travelling. For me, one more USB port would have been nice. Still, the Dell is the most secure here with its additional TPM chip and smart card reader.

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Our Verdict A satellite pro u200 poewrful ultraportable for the price that delivers on satellute promise. I chose to purchase from a brick-and-mortar over a web retailer because of their close proximity, return policy and price protection.

Toshiba Satellite U200 / Satellite U205 Review (pics, specs)

satellite pro u200 It came with a one year parts and labor international warranty. Using an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, power easily rivals the largest desktop replacements. No matter what software you use, the U runs with reliable speed even when multi-tasking.

The vertical viewing angle is not as good but still satisfactory. Overall, I am very impressed with the six-cell battery.

Toshiba Satellite Pro U | IT PRO

With basic multimedia functionality and a range of extra features, this is a great choice for consumer as much as business use. The widescreen is great for viewing worksheets side-by-side or watching movies. Its minute battery life easily kept us working on the daily satellite pro u200. With one swipe, I can log onto windows or any web-site requiring a user name and password.


However, after about satellite pro u200 week of use the problem disappeared and it now shuts down quickly. Plus, the keyboard is spill resistant should you have an unfortunate accident with satellute coffee.

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When I press against the back of the screen there are no ripples, at all. Benchmarks The benchmarks shown are about average satellite pro u200 to laptops with similar specs. Right side view of Toshiba Satellite U view large image. Disk-based storage is equally safellite, via the GB hard drive. Common at this size is the use of a However, the U takes security more seriously as there’s a fingerprint reader and a hard disk sensor detects a drop and parks it to avoid damage.

Some satellite pro u200 leakage can be seen at the bottom of the U view large image Speakers The speakers are nothing special.

I have found the keyboard to be comfortable to type on. The use of an integrated Intel graphics card means low 3D performance.

Over the past two months I have been looking for a notebook that was light and durable enough to carry to school everyday in my back pack, but be powerful and feature-rich. The fingerprint reader provides extra security for the business user. Out of these, I found the M to have the better build, however I thought satellite pro u200 weight and dimensions to be too high.


Still, satellite pro u200 Dell is the most secure here with its additional TPM chip and smart card reader.

There are no creaks when I lift the notebook from one of its corners. After several hours of use, there is a minor amount of heat produced under the palm rests, where the HDD lies. It’s one of the chubbier satellite pro u200 on oro, weighing in at 1.

This laptop comes with an Intel Wireless Front side view of Toshiba Satellite U view large image. However, the screen frame twists satellite pro u200 little when moderate pressure is applied to the top corners.

All of which means more typos if you switch between a desktop and a satellite pro u200 regularly. I found most of these apps to be useless and have since uninstalled them. Screen A look at the U screen view large image The