The MDR-V6 are designed to work great plugged into iPods and portable devices, and need no extra amplification. Be the first to review this item. The headphones were listed as having a very wide frequency response and were convenient for travel as they could be folded and carried in an included leatherette bag. The adapter is interchangeable with the screw-in adapters that come with most Beyer headphones, too. That’s especially true in the bass and mid-bass range, where so many other headphones fail. It was not hard to see why the headphone was still in production after all these years: Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade.

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On-Ear, or Supra Aural Headphones, sit on your ears, forming sony mdr-v6 seal with the material of your ear itself. Hey Joker, First off, I just want to say your reviews are fantastic.

Sony MDR-V6 Review

Extremely comfortable for long sessions, fold compactly for travel or storage. They’ve all sony mdr-v6 very nice response, if a little heavy on the bass.

Sure, you can get replacement pads, but I’ve got other brand headphones that have longer lasting pads. The MDR-V6 stay adjusted to your head size when off sony mdr-v6 head, unlike most Beyer headphones that reset themselves back into the headband. I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem.


Entry-level studio monitors ubiquitous among audio professionals sony mdr-v6 famous for their long-term durability MSRP: See all 9 pre-owned listings. This pair of earphones easily folds, making them convenient and mobile enough to carry and store.

The insulation cracks and the wire inside can sh ort or break. sony mdr-v6

Sony MDR-V6

The outsells this V6, but not for any particular sony mdr-v6 other than Sony promoting it more. Thank goodness for that! After a year the ear cup surface and headband begin to flake off.

Any Condition Any Condition. Use this product with just about everything, including hand-held video sony mdr-v6 systems, computers, and home theaters.

The Sony mdr-v6 do a perfect job of keeping themselves sealed to my head, with little pressure, and never get sweaty. Before they’re broken in, sonu are undoubtedly harsh. Often it goes for less!

Rated 4 out of 5 by Pete C from Classic Sony mdr-v6 headphones fold up nicely to put sony mdr-v6 my video camera bag. These Sony headphones have a reputation for loud sound and for blocking out at least some msr-v6 noise. They are less enjoyable for the later two because of the analyticity, but accuracy is one of the reasons Sony mdr-v6 bought these. Ostensibly a ‘monitor’ headphone, the V6 has an extralong coiled cable. That’s especially true in the bass and mid-bass range, where so many other headphones fail.


Everyone should steal this concept.

Sony MDR-V6 Over the Ear Headphones – Black

sony mdr-v6 There are only two downsides and these are both well-known shortcomings: Their sound is also very mdd-v6 and crisp — they sound great for the money. The MDR-V6’s bass response is excellent.

Order in the next 0: I wish I had paid more attention. With music on an iPodI never have to go anywhere near full level, even on the sony mdr-v6 classical recordings. You won’t want sony mdr-v6 need any mdr–v6 amplification with your MDR-V6.

I like them enough to keep spending money on them. Rated 5 out sony mdr-v6 5 by Anonymous from Best value in closed phones available. See sony mdr-v6 30 brand new soy. When playing your favorite video games, take full advantage of the upper hand you’ll gain when the stereo sound lets you hear enemies coming up behind you.