This month we catch up on the February and March Progress Report we missed providing last month. Download my Wii Remote profile here: Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have fun with your Wiimotes! I can use my wii mote on dolphin just fine. Specifically in my case, I had installed and uninstalled Vjoy. Follow these steps on Windows

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Its motion sensor enables you to use the Wiimote as a wiimote pc device, for instance, useful for conducting presentations….

wiimote pc Type Z, and you should see Z show up in the box. The bad thing is you need to reconnect every time you want to use it, just like the cheap bluetooth keyboards for Android and Ipad tablets that don’t have wiimote pc wiimotd management. Afterwards, check in your programs and features to see if the driver installed correctly.

PS now that I’ve done the Windows wiimote pc and probably ending up with a full factory reset, I’ll give a try to your module. Do you have a wiimote pc Wiimote to test as an alternative?

Touchmote – Wiimotes on Windows 8

Views Read View source View history. Dolphin Home Website Forums Help. If you don’t have BlueSoleil already installed, you can wiimote pc the latest BlueSoleil drivers and software wiimote pc Softonic. Customizable Create your own configurations that will automatically load when a specified application opens. GTA, Rocket League etc Sorry if this isn’t helpful but this is all I recall of what I tried – now that I have the bluetooth drivers reset I might re-try your solution to see if I can make it work this wiimote pc around.


In the Windows search bar, search “recovery” without the quotes and select “Recovery options”.

How To: Connect Your Wiimote to Your Computer Via Bluetooth

I will be doing this either way though for the VR-esk side of it, the controller side will be a bonus. Scroll down for wiimote pc next article. Note that without an IR receiver you will be unable to accurately use wiimotee Wiimote as a pointing device although the motion sensor does wikmote a pretty good job of things. Wiimote pc my steps to fix your issues would be wiimote pc Most recent laptops come with a built-in Bluetooth adapter.

I said something about that here.

To check if you have a built-in adapter, look at your PC specifications. Specifically in my case, I had installed and uninstalled Vjoy. I’ll provide my comments at your website. To get the newer Wiimotes to work you have to use the Mayflash Wiimote pc or similar, alternatively you might try this guide to install the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.

You will wiimote pc on the left column a profile called Wii Remote Game.

Wii Remote Plus (RVL-CNTTR) Connection Guide – Dolphin Emulator Wiki

Hi Julian, I’m not sure how it messed up to be honest – probably something stupid I wiimoe, I can’t elaborate more on wiimote pc as I’m not really sure wiimote pc I had screwed around with the wiimkte before for a bit. Before proceeding, please be aware that some USB Bluetooth adaptors will be unsuitable for this task. It only requires a device be paired beforehand. Did you know wiimote pc Wiimote’s capabilities reach far beyond the uses Nintendo is limiting it to? By default, bit versions of Windows does not let the users install drivers which are not signed.


While some desktop computers have an internal Blutooth adapter, most require an external Bluetooth dongle. Wiimote pc the Home button for 5 seconds to open the Layout Chooser and quickly switch between your keymaps.

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Wii HD – Wiumote Mario: Fortunately, they can work with Wiimote pc — with some special requirements. Since the El Capitan update, Bluetooth pairing requires a passcode. Because this driver was not made by Microsoft, wiimote pc PC will not recognize it. One icon — a mouse — will be highlighted at the top of the window.